Jamie Foxx Returning To Stand-Up, Wants To Tour With Eddie Murphy

Speak it into existence.

The world was taken by surprise when The award-winning comedian shared that he was working on a standup special, as well, but it looks as if he’s not the only one who is ready to pound the pavement and return to the mic. also got his start in entertainment as a standup comedian, and on a recent visit to Ellen, he revealed that he was going back to his first love.

Jamie Foxx Returning To Stand-Up, Wants To Tour With Eddie Murphy
Christopher Polk / Staff / Getty Images

Ellen DeGeneres asked Jamie if it was true that he and Eddie were planning on hitting the road together. The audience cheered at the possibility, but Jamie quickly shut that down, stating it wasn’t so. However,  of taking to the stage with the celebrated comedy icon. 

“I would go on tour with Eddie! I want Eddie…” Jamie said before he began stumbling over his words. He then did the signature Eddie Murphy laugh. “I would love to go on tour with Eddie because I think, it’s our time. You haven’t heard from him in a minute and you haven’t heard from me. And I got it. I got some super-duper jokes and I’ve been working on my impersonations.” He 

Jamie said that his tour is already set up and it will begin at the small clubs he performed at when he was launching his career. “I want it to be intimate,” “There’s some storytelling. There’s some stories of the first time I met Kanye [West]. I got stories being on Django [Unchained], things like that. So, I wanna take you on a little bit of an adventure.” Check out his interview below. 

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