Janet Jackson Brings Missy Elliott to Tears During Surprise Speech

Missy Elliott was awarded the Black Women In Music Essence Award last night. Of course, when you’re giving the award to someone Missy’s stature, the question arises who could possibly present it. Finding someone that has enough clout their own to pay proper respect to Missy is tough… But judging by Missy’s tearful reaction to the presenter, it’s safe to say that Essence nailed it.

The award was presented by Janet Jackson and Missy couldn’t hold it together during her speech.

During the speech, Jackson called Missy one “the most genuine people that I have ever known” and had to stop to check on an emotional Elliott.

“You bless us with your loving spirit and your smiling heart,” she continued. “So from one friend to another, thank you.”

Missy fessed up to breaking down in a post to her Instagram thanking Janet and Essence for the event. The star wrote: