Janet Weiss’ Sister Starts GoFundMe for Drummer After Car Accident

Former Sleater-Kinney drummer Janet Weiss has a long road to recovery ahead of her after getting injured in a serious car accident earlier this month. Her sister Julie Weiss has organized a GoFundMe to support Janet, who broke her right leg and her left collarbone and was forced to cancel an upcoming tour with her bands Quasi and Slang.

"Because she will be in a wheelchair and out of work for at least 3 months, she will need help with the costs insurance doesn’t cover, like: out-of-pocket medical bills, nursing care, physical therapy, the wheelchair ramp that was installed at her house, and paying for her monthly expenses while she can’t work," her sister explained.

"A speeding car hit hers while she was driving near her house in Portland," Julie wrote of the Aug. 10 accident. "At first she just heard a loud crash, then felt the car spin out of control. When her car finally stopped spinning Janet and her partner Drew Grow, who was in the passenger seat, were both conscious. Janet knew right away that something was wrong with her legs, and her left shoulder was also in pain. An ambulance rushed her to the nearest emergency room, where X-rays showed that Janet had a broken left collarbone, and fractures to both legs (her right Tibia and left Fibula). Drew was further from the impact zone and escaped with a painful broken rib."

She went on to describe getting the "scariest call I've ever received" and said her sister underwent surgery immediately to align the bones in her right leg.

At press time on Tuesday evening (Aug. 27), the fund had collected more than $38,000, surpassing the original goal of $25,000.

On Monday (Aug. 27), the GoFundMe page posted an update: "WOWOWOW what an incredible show of love and support! Janet is floored and incredibly moved (and I think a little in shock) that we reached our goal so quickly. We can't thank each of you enough for your contributions, kind messages and words of encouragement. She is humbled and definitely feeling the love!"

Weiss split with Sleater-Kinney in early July after playing with the group since 1996.