Jay-Z Returns To Instagram To Promote New Movie

Jay-Z is serving as the executive producer on an upcoming new movie called The Book Of Clarence. The historical fiction period piece stars LaKeith Stanfield as a man who goes on his own quest for religious divinity inspired by Jesus. Fans are talking about the movie now because Jay-Z returned with a whole new Instagram account in order to promote the film. His account has already racked up over 33k followers in just a few hours with the post itself over currently sitting at over 17k likes. In the caption of the post Hov keeps it simple, “The Book Of Clarence
January 2024.”

While this is a new account for Jay-Z, it isn’t the first time he’s joined the platform. Back in 2021, he opened up a new Instagram account for an almost identical reason. That time he was promoting another film he executive produced called The Harder They Fall. After posting some promotional material from the film he deleted the account just a day later. In that span, he had racked up over 800k followers. The Harder They Fall netted mostly positive reviews from critics when it was released on Netflix in 2021. Clarence features some of the same actors and crew from that film on board again and is scheduled to be released in January of 2024.

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Jay-Z Shares Movie Trailer To His New Instagram

Earlier this year Jay-Z was involved in another big project. The Brooklyn Public Library opened up an exhibition paying tribute to the legendary rapper’s career. The “Book Of Hov” exhibit proved to be a hit and was extended all the way into October.

They also collaborated with Hov for a series of unique library cards using the art from his albums. As a result of their collaborations 14,000 new library cards were issued to people. What do you think of Jay-Z returning to Instagram again to promote another movie? Let us know in the comment section below.

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