JayL x Young Scott – Insomniac

Hip-Hop artist JayL is working on a new body music and today he has dropped f a new single from his upcoming album.


JayL has released his new record “Insomniac” featuring Young Scott. JayL called “Insomniac” his fall time single which will be featured on his album ‘TN Weather’. ‘TN Weather’ will be a 4-Part Album representing the four seasons.


JayL also spoke on “Insomniac” being a record that speaks on never compromising your vision for anyone or anything. It’s a vulnerable track full passion for the art and me using Insomniac as a metaphor/double entendre for the lack sleep you get when pushing yourself to the limit and giving your all.


Take a moment and listen to JayL’s new record “Insomniac” above.

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