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Jeezy Getting Attacked Online For Dating Jeannie Mai: See The Harsh Comments

People are critiquing Jeezy for his taste in women.

It’s 2019 guys… interracial relationships are a thing and there’s literally nothing wrong with them so, can we all just stop talking shit on somebody who chooses to date outside of their race? For some reason, is getting bashed online by some people who are unhappy with his choice in women. . There were a few negative comments mixed in though and it was enough for Jeezy to earn the scorn of Twitter. 

The veteran rapper appears to be happy with his new girlfriend, who happens to be of Vietnamese and Chinese descent. Some of Jeezy’s fans were unhappy that the rapper is shacking up with her, disrespectfully telling him to not date outside of his race. People are bringing up the hypocrisy in this situation though, noting that ‘s relationship with Alex Fine, a white man, has been embraced but when Jeezy decides to date an Asian woman, all hell breaks loose. Something ain’t right there.

Read some of the harsh comments below and let us know your thoughts on Jeezy’s new romance.

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