Jennifer Lopez & Shakira Super Bowl Rehearsal Video

Even if your hips don’t lie, sometimes you need a refresher on proper booty shaking technique from an expert. That’s the takeaway from a series of behind-the-scenes videos — posted by Jennifer Lopez over the weekend — in which she gets nostalgic about her February Super Bowl halftime performance with Shakira.

“I do it with my knees, I shaky my knees,” Lopez explains to Shakira in one of the clips in which they are shaking it together as their backup dancers take five. “My mom taught me that when I was four,” JLo jokes.

The other clips include Lopez doing a round off, rehearsing her final bow with Shakira, leading a group of children in a chant of “let’s get loud” and running through “Jenny From the Block.”

“I can’t believe it’s already been 3 months since the #SuperBowlLIV #HalftimeShow,” Lopez captioned the clips. “So much has happened since then, but I wanted to share a fun peek behind the scenes at our first rehearsal with the dancers and @Shakira.”

In another post, in which Lopez appears to be jumping on a trampoline in a white dress, she offered a ray of hope during these dark COVID-19 pandemic times.

In this time, when it’s so easy to get down and think of all the things going wrong and what we don’t have and don’t know the answers to… I make it a habit to say three things I’m grateful for as soon as I open my eyes and then at night when I’m lying in bed I list three good things out loud that happened that day,” she wrote. “Could be anything… and I try to change them so they are not the same everyday. Stay positive and stay safe.  Love you and miss you all… together we will soon be ❤️.”

Watch the videos below.