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'Jeopardy' Contestant Confuses Jack White for Eminem

'Jeopardy' Contestant Confuses Jack White for Eminem

Last week, a Jeopardy contestant went viral after losing a decent chunk change for mispronouncing the title a Coolio song. As it turns out, this week’s contestants don’t appear to be well-versed in hip-hop either.

On tonight’s episode (January 11), host Alex Trebek read a clue from category “Vinyl Resting Place” that was accompanied by an older picture Jack White, sporting a hat and thin facial hair.

The clue read, “A recent vinyl resurgence has been aided by this musician, who built apressing plantin his Detroit hometown.” Contestant Julie Zauzmer buzzed in first only to answer “Eminem” incorrectly. Another contestant buzzed in to answer correctly.

While the two musical icons do share a hometown, it’s safe to say they approach their looks and music in drastically different fashion. Eminem recently delivered hisRevivalLP, while Jack White lifted the curtain on hisBoarding House Reachalbum earlier this week.

Watch the round unfold in the player below.