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Jhay Cortez vs. Bryant Myers Feud: A Timeline

Jhay Cortez and Bryant Myers, two of today’s hottest urban acts, are battling it out on social media over who’s the best trap artist of this generation.

Myers boasts that his trap songs are killing the game right now, while Cortez claims that Myers does not even write his own music.

The Cortez vs. Myers battle is the latest tiraera in the urban genre, following the previous Anuel AA vs. Cosculluela, and Residente vs. Tempo beef, to name a few.

Here’s what you need to know (so far) about this latest battle.

The Twitter feud began on Saturday (May 9), when without giving names, Myers tweeted: “Brag when you make a trap that’s more popular than ‘Gan-ga’ and ‘Wow.’ On the contrary, I’m the Father of Trap,” adding that he respects two or three in the genre.

“He copies my swag and he challenges me?” Cortez replied hours later, alleging in a separate tweet that even with his songwriters, Myers is not original.

The feud then had both Puerto Rican artists comparing who has the most streams on Spotify, the most views on YouTube, and who has the biggest hits as a solo act without collaborations or remixes.

“If you do not have a song of yours with more than 200 or 100 million views], for me you are a baby,” Myers said to Cortez, to which Cortez replied: “I have one with a BILLION views]. That’s how many of yours? And yes, I have songs with features, the same as all yours when you started!”

After all the back-and-forth between the two artists, Cortez dropped a diss track called “24 Horas,” in which he calls out Myers for not writing his own music and saying that out of the wave of artists that came out in 2016, he stayed behind, amongst other things. “We already have an Anuel, we don’t need two,” he chants. “Challenging me was a mistake …] Who am I fighting with here?/ With you or the one who writes for you?”

In “24 Horas,” which dropped on May 11 and was at No. 3 on YouTube’s Trending page at the time of publication, Cortez gave Myers 24 hours to release his own diss track.

As a response, Myers tweeted on May 13 to further elaborate on the issue, claiming that Cortez is mad because Myers was supposed to drop his 2019 “Gan-ga (Remix)” with him, but instead teamed up with Anuel AA.

“I already caught his plan, he had the song] ready ever since everything happened with ‘Gan-ga,’” he wrote after analyzing “24 Horas.”

Myers has yet to drop his tiraera for Cortez, but shared the cover photo with the title “RIP Jhay Cosito.” “I’m going to release it whenever I want, the wait will be worth it,” he assured on his Instagram stories.

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