JID Teased His Upcoming Collaboration With Anycia During The Rapper’s Set At 2024 Dreamville Festival


Dreamville Festival’s return to the south engaged one performer to show his stomping grounds some love. Yesterday (April 6), during his set at the 2024 installment, JID took a moment to tease an upcoming collaboration.

The unnamed track debuted as part of his performance and is set to feature fellow Atlanta native Anycia. With the crowd’s full attention, JID gave them a taste of the coming bars. “You ain’t no killas / Y’all just a bunch of cover girls / All that complimenting n****s sh*t / Leaving a comment, you leave it to me I’d send you to another world with dis sh*t / Magic wand, b*tch the work in my wrist / Magic Johnson, man I’m sick with assist / Bron Bron when I jump in the 6,” he rapped.

Once users online gained wind of the forthcoming record, they began to tag Anycia to verify the news. So, Anycia did just that. On her personal X(formerly Twitter) page, she confirmed she is indeed featured on the unreleased song. “This is not my announcement, but here goes another cool thing I did,” she wrote. “Thank you, brother man.”

JID returned the love, writing: “See you at the Grammys, Nene, LOL.”

It is unclear when the track will hit streaming platforms or if it will be featured on JID’s long-awaited collaborative album, Forever & A Day, with Metro Boomin. So, you will have to wait until more details are shared.