Jidenna on Masculinity, Exploitation of African culture & More w/ Torae at Pandora

Jidenna on Masculinity, Exploitation  African culture & More w/ Torae at Pandora

Torae catches up with Jidenna at Pandora in Atlanta to discuss his new album 85 to Africa. During the conversation they delve into many topics; including masculinity in the black community and the exploitation Africa and Black culture.

I can’t deal with the old generation, the stuff my uncle believes is not what I believe. The stuff that old school hip-hop heads believe], we a new generation now. Certain things like walking around with a clutch in the 1990’s wouldn’t have flown, now it does and I’m proud us for doing that.” – Jidenna

Africa is Africa, but it’s NOT black owned, it aint been blacked owned for 100’s years and it certainly ain’t right now.” – Jidenna

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