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Jim Jones Accuses LA Fitness Of Profiling

Harlem rapperJim Jonestook his grievances with LA Fitness to social media aftersayinghe was priled at one the popular fitness chain’s locations.

In a video uploaded to social media on Monday (February 5), Jones says the incident began when he asked if he could charge his phone using one the gym’s computers. Theemployeeat the desk refused him, and things escalated from there,to the point where he left and a gym employee accused him giving her the finger on his way out.

Jones, who revealed that he’s been a member the gym for four years, says he did no such thing.

“So, I’m in LA Fitness, and I’m trying to get a charger,” Jim Jones said. “And they trying to kick me out and terminate me. The lady lied on me. She said I gave her the middle finger in LA Fitness. And then she tried to tell me that I’m getting terminated for me asking for a charger in LA Fitness. I have yet said anything to anyone. I haven’t raised my voice to anyone. I haven’t did anything to anyone. So, right now I feel like I’m being priled in LA Fitness.”

He added that he felt he was beingtreated differently because his raceand how he was dressed. “th least U could do is be helpful and courteous to all ur customers no matter color race wht clothes there wearing weather u like rap or country music.”

At one point, Jones started recording the employees at the gym,and his retelling the incident, he was interrupted byone themasking, “All a sudden you’re the victim?”

Jones responded, “I am the victim. So, tell me what I did. Since you talking so much.”

Despite the incident, Jones explained at the end his lengthy IG post that he was still able to work out “through all the] BS.”