Jim Jones Gives Drake His Flowers While Choosing The “Best Album Of The Year”

Jim Jones has declared For All The Dogs Scary Hours Edition his best album of the year. Jones gave his answer at last month’s ComplexCon. “That extendo clip that Drake just dropped got real spooky on n-ggas,” Jones explained. However, he also gave props to Too Good To Be True and Utopia. The six-song deluxe EP recently helped push the Drake product back to the top of the Billboard album charts. Despite the success of the album, last week only marked its second week at No. 1. It displaced Stray Kids’ ROCK-STAR, which tumbled to No. 7.

Furthermore, For All The Dogs has also reached platinum certification in recent weeks. However, the RIAA has yet to confirm this. For All The Dogs was able to hold off another resurgence from 1989 (Taylor’s Version), which spent another week at No. 2. Ironically, the first track of Drake’s EP shouts out Taylor Swift. “Taylor Swift the only n-gga that I ever rated. Only one could make me drop the album just a little later. Rest of y’all, I treat you like you never made it,” Drake raps on “Red Button”.

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Jim Jones Goes After Dee-1

However, Jones doesn’t have love for everyone. In early November, Jones appeared to go after New Orleans rapper Dee-1. “I don’t care about what [Dee-1] said. That boy don’t know me. I know his trick. He using my name for fame. It’s all good … I do more in one month for people than he’ll ever do in his whole life. I really give back to the people, I don’t care about none of the rhetoric he talking about,” Jones said. His comments came after Dee had called him out.

Despite this, Dee-1 appeared unfazed. “Jim Jones, I love you; Meek Mill, I love you; Rick Ross, I love you. The world wants it to become something negative and unhealthy, but let’s make sure we use this as an opportunity to educate and to communicate… And if that means we can be friends at the end of this — cool. If we can’t ever be friends — cool, all good. Just go be a better man of God and I’ma try to be the best man of God I can be, and it’s gucci,” Dee-1 said in response.

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