JM7 Releases Genre-Blending EP, ‘Mojo’

London-based rapper JM7 drops a six-track EP titled Mojo, a smooth, advanced dose of talent that establish him as a valuable commodity.

Assured in its vision and purpose, Mojo takes sixteen minutes to introduce JM7 to new ears. What’s on display is refreshing music, indulging in soundscapes of cloud rap and alternative hip hop that is blissfully mellow. Production is handled by Yogic Beats, Adamdiini, Charlie P, Ashton McCreight, Will B and Marow, working in tandem to tie the knots between the six tunes.

Highlights include “Tell Me”, grabbing elements of funk and dance as JM7 lays both rapped and sung vocals, and “You Dey Craze”, a fleshed track with memorable verses and a quotable hook. JM7 sings on further cuts, proving he can hold a melody just as well as he can command a sixteen.

In June 2022, JM7 contested in The Block Report’s open mic competition, receiving plaudits from the live crowd and UK journalists. He emerged as the most ready-made artist out the line-up, a conclusion that’s proven by the quality and versatility shown on Mojo.

Speaking on the project on his Instagram, JM7 stated: “I’ve always valued lyrics and pride myself on being able to rap at a high level. Song creation, structure and melodies are things I’ve had to develop over time. This EP is one of my musical happy places which lies somewhere between lyrics & vibes, words & song and smoothness & skill.”

Mojo shows exactly why the UK must take heed of JM7. The talent is there, and the trajectory is set.

Listen to JM7’s new EP, Mojo, below.