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Joaquin Phoenix’s "Joker" Looks Chilling In Final Trailer

The final “Joker” trailer has arrived, and it’s a big one.

On a “Joker Spectrum” of sorts, is Todd Phillips’ and Joaquin’s latest take on the character going to be more Killing Joke or Jared Leto’s Suicide Squad? Given what we’ve come to glean from the recently released trailer, . After all, Phoenix tends to deliver on a consistent basis, and a role like this oughta give him plenty of material to draw from. With the film set to hit theatres on October 4th, the final trailer has arrived to stoke the flames of hype, providing our most revealing look at Joaquin’s take on the character thus far. 

Though the plot does remain relatively well guarded, shots of the Joker in his signature attire are numerous; from the look of it, Phoenix seems ready to shine in the villain’s iconic getup. We’re also rewarded with  which was inspired by those with the pathological laughter disorder. Robert De Niro is also featured heavily, as he looks to be one of Joker’s main foils throughout; likewise is Zazie Beetz, who seems to be playing a potential love interest, insofar as Joker can ever truly “love.”

Check it out for yourself, and sound off below. Is this Joker exactly what you’ve been looking for?

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