Joe Budden Clarifies Rumors He Got Jumped, Was Only “Socked” Once

There have been some rumors floating around that Joe Budden got jumped at a strip club over the weekend, and he addressed them during a recent live stream. The personality finally cleared up at least some of the speculation surrounding the incident, revealing what actually took place. He said that while there was an altercation, he wasn’t necessarily “jumped.”

“N***a cocked back and socked me one good time,” he explained, revealing his side of the story. “But then that’s all you gonna get.” He said that a man snuck up behind him and attacked him, but was only able to get one punch in. According to him, there wasn’t even much power behind the punch, so it didn’t do a great deal of damage. Budden went on to describe how they were slipping around on the floor because it was wet, and because he was wearing a pair of Uggs that didn’t give him a lot of grip.

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Joe Budden Addresses Rumors

It remains unclear exactly who was behind the punch. When rumors first emerged it was speculated that Cesar Pina and his crew were behind the incident, however, Budden’s associate took to Twitter to clear that up today. Budden’s said some less than flattering things about Pina and his business partner DJ Envy’s real estate scam allegations, recently leading to him getting unexpectedly confronted by Pina’s brother. Tony “The Closer” Robinson claims that Budden told him it “had nothing to do with Cesar and his ppl.”

Luckily, Budden appeared do be doing fine during the live stream, with no visible bruising or other injuries in sight. Regardless, fans continue to speculate what prompted the altercation, who was behind it, and more. What do you think of Joe Budden clearing up the rumors that he got jumped? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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