Joe Rogan Has Elon Musk Back On Podcast, Explains How To Actually Pronounce "Æ"

Joe Rogan connects with Elon Musk for a brand new podcast interview.

Elon Musk has made a triumphant return to the Joe Rogan podcast, following his first highly publicized . Elon Musk’s return to the podcast coincides with , who has been in the news heavily for his .

Recently, Grimes shared the inspiration , (which, ), but she didn’t actually mention in her tweet that the “AE” is pronounced “Ash,” which Musk reveals right at the outset of his conversation with Rogan.

Joe Rogan Has Elon Musk Back On Podcast, Explains How To Actually Pronounce "Æ"

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

“It’s just X, the letter X, and the “AE” is pronounced is Ash,” Musk says, “A-12 is my contribution,” he adds, shouting out Grimes for her naming abilities. He explains what the A-12 in particular means to him, an ode to his favorite aircraft.

After they get the baby’s name out of the way, the two quickly dive into a discussion of artificial intelligence as well as Elon’s recent promise to divulge himself of all his material possessions. 

As for the reason behind ridding himself of his material goods, he insinuates that having less “things” will also make him less of a target in the media– when asked outright if people define him by his wealth, Musk says, “yeah. In recent years, billionaire has become a pejorative, it’s a bad thing.”

Catch the full episode, which spans over two hours below.

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