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Joel Embiid & KAT Altercation Leads To Swift Response From 76ers GM

It’s rare you see fights like that in the NBA.

Mayhem broke out during the Philadelphia 76ers vs Minnesota Timberwolves game last night as . They ended up putting each other into a headlock and the fight ended up on the floor, where Ben Simmons came and put Towns in a headlock. It was a pretty massive spectacle that led to the ejections of both Embiid and Towns. After the game, both players took their beef to social media and the entire NBA world was incredulous at what they had just seen.

Today, the 76ers are claiming Ben Simmons was actually a “peacekeeper” in all of this and shouldn’t be suspended. Meanwhile, the league is investigating what it should do with Embiid and Towns, who clearly went a little overboard. According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, Sixer GM Elton Brand is speaking out about the fight and had some interesting thoughts.

“First and foremost, we obviously don’t condone the altercation that happened last night,” Brand explained. “As a former player, I have experienced situations like that in the past. I understand how our players reacted in the moment. I have their backs.”

Stay tuned for updates on the league’s decision pertaining to this matter as we will be sure to bring it to you.

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