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Joel Embiid Receives Heartfelt Letter From 9-Year-Old Girl After Loss

Embiid was seen crying after the game.

 lost to the Toronto Raptors in Game 7 on Sunday. The loss came thanks to a last-second buzzer-beater from . As Embiid walked back to the dressing room after the game, Embiid was crying and looked inconsolable. The 76ers star was with his girlfriend in the hallway who cried alongside Embiid.

Embiid had been sick throughout the series and wasn’t able to play his best basketball. Despite this, 9-year-old 76ers fan Oli Djamoos took it upon herself to write a heartwarming letter to Embiid, explaining how proud she was of him and the team.

“Dear Joel Embiid, you are my favorite player. I am sorry that you lost. I saw you crying on T.V. It’s ok to lose sometimes, I lost basketball games too,” Djamoos wrote. “You got so far and I am proud of you and the 76ers.

Included in the letter was a drawing of Embiid playing a game of basketball with Djamoos, creating even more of a collective “aww” moment. Surely Embiid is still upset over the loss but to see support like this from the fans has to lift your spirits at least a little bit.

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