Johnny Manziel Domestic Violence Photos Released By Police

In 2016, Johnny Manziel was charged with misdemeanor assault over a violent incident with his then-girlfriend, Colleen Crowley. Now, TMZ has obtained photos and witness statements from the case, as the files have now been released by the Dallas Police Department. 

According to Crowley, she and Maziel had met up at a hotel on the night of January 29, when a discussion eventually led to Manziel “being with a girl who had caused us problems in the past.” Manziel then threw her onto the bed. After exclaiming her intentions to leave, Manziel forced her down again, only to eventually agree to drive her to her car. 

Once they were in the car, Crowley attempted to escape, but was eventually caught by Manziel and thrown back into the car, causing bruises. He then allegedly open palm slapped her in the face, rupturing her left eardrum. After reaching Crowley’s apartment, she claims that Manziel grabbed her phone and smashed it. Crowley ended up grabbing a knife and running to her neighbors house. 

Manziel was eventually charged with misdemeanor assault, ordered to complete anger management training, and forbidden from contacting Crowley in the future. Manziel has now completed all the terms in his plea deal, which is why the Dallas Police have released all the files from the case. 

The quality of the photos taken after the incident are low, but it’s possible to see some visible bruising in many of the pictures. 

“She felt like she was going to die or get beaten really bad,” said the police report. 


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