We are currently looking for new contributors - writers passionate about the Hip Hop culture with a strong interest in staying up to date with industry news, latest music, music videos, film, art and industry releases.

Our team at UK HIPHOP TALK wants to offer opportunities to young writers to have their voices heard! Many of our staff members started as contributors who got us with dope content that we couldn’t resist but just post. Our contributors have used UK HIPHOP TALK as a means to gain experience in writing and editing, while others have found a platform for expressing their passion for Hip Hop culture and the music industry.

Whether you would like to write articles, reviews or submit photos, videos or illustrations, then please get in touch with our team! Whatever you’re looking for, we will do our best to make sure contributing to UK HIPHOP TALK is a fulfilling and enriching experience.

This could just be a one-time contribution or a regular one, it all depends on you - your time, commitments and the ideas you have.

If you’d like to contribute to UK HIPHOP TALK please send an email to [email protected] with a short explanation of why you would like to write for us, your CV, topic ideas, and writing samples.

Note: All contributions are unpaid at this time. However, we hope that you will be compensated by the assistance we give you, by the opportunity of becoming part of a creative team and by the possibilities that may come from working with UK HIPHOP TALK. We are striving to grow our business and aim to be able to pay our contributors soon!