Jordy ft Elt Cheekz – Die 4 Bro [Video]

Jordy and Elt Cheekz takes us through the journey of hardship and sacrifice theyve had to endure to get to this point in new offering Die 4 Bro.

 Emerging from north of the Thames, the Tottenham born and raised artist has cultivated a generous following within the rising UK sound with numbers such as Uber X, A13 and Visions (his coldest track if you ask me) racking up millions of streams courtesy of his mellow-mannered cadence and soothing harmonies that coast across a diverse array of instrumentals. 

Die 4 Bro sees Jordy keeping it close knit when sourcing helping hands, as featuring artist Elt Cheekz and Jojo Mukeza on the pensive production, both happen to be blood cousins of Jordy – making it evident that music runs smoothly within this familys genetic makeup. As for the track, Jordy strips back the glitz and glamour for this number as his renowned melodies take a back seat, allowing honest story telling and raw delivery to take the forefront.

Both Jordy and Elt Cheekz recall the trials and tribulations its taken for the cousins to achieve the acclaim theyve received so far. Jordy in particular strings together a line thatll leave you struck by the mans sheer dedication to the game: what you know about studio finish at 4 then work at 7, then finish at 5 and go back to the studio/and shell it. This isnt anything new to Jordy though, his passion and work ethic is said to be reflected in the efforts hes always put in out of hours to fund his music as hes spent time: ‘building festival stages, working night shifts at a JD to cover studio costs and even now works part time at West Ham (although considers himself a Man U fan). The dedication the man has for his art is undeniable.

The audio itself is paralleled with a raw video courtesy of Otis Dominique, displaying the two touring around the North Side of the river – cutting from scenes of the cousins gliding through the streets of London in a black Vauxhall to the two reciting their reflective narration posted on estate. 

With yet another compelling entry coming from the 26-year-old musician, Jordy only continues to gives us more reasoning to keep our eyes peeled for his highly anticipated project SMH looking to drop later this month. So until the wait is over, Id suggest checking the new number as well as taking in the full experience with the partnered visuals!

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