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JoshFruzza’s Dominating Confidence At Its Best On “Princess Tiana”

JoshFruzza releases his brand new project, the track titled “Princess Tiana.” Displaying his exquisite rapping skills in a new light, the fast rising emcee also pours his dominating confidence from start to finish. Through a calm and impactful flow, he shares his mindset and thoughts, mostly stemming from real life experiences. 

From playing the drums at the age of three, to writing songs at six, learning piano at nine, and producing beats at thirteen, it is evident that JoshFruzza hails from a rich music heritage. The 23 year-old grew up in a unique household with an Indian mother and Italian stepfather, resulting in musical knowledge spanning decades and cultures. Fruzza currently only has five singles to his name however the years of practicing and studying behind the scenes has clearly helped him carve his own lane in the process.

Fruzza’s goal as an artist and a rapper is to appeal to all audiences without sacrificing himself, his morals, and his beliefs. His academic and personal studies of Music as well as being a producer have expanded his artistic boundaries much further than the average rapper. His rap style is a mixture of instagram quotes, honesty, vulnerability, and clever wordplay all wrapped within countless flow changes. His horizons can go from boom bap to trap in a heartbeat.

He launched his career in 2019 with the track “Valhalla” and has since come a long way to stand as a promising rapper whose works incorporate all the elements of fresh and modern productions. “Princess Tiana” is set to find its audience and appeal to the masses.  

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