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Joyner Lucas Tags In 50 Cent After Putting Sha Money XL On Blast

Joyner Lucas opts to bring his latest grudge to The People’s Court.

Who needs court when we have Twitter? The trial of Sha Money XL is about to begin, again. Today,  decided to voice a few grievances with his former manager, who once played a pivotal role in shaping a young ‘s sound. It’s unclear what exactly prompted Joyner to go off on his former associate in such a fashion, but it’s clear that all is not well behind the scenes. In fact, , which came to the forefront back in 2015. 

When @50cent started publicly airing out ShaMoneyXL and assassinating his character, I never understood it,” wrote Joyner, in a scathing Tweet. “I get it now. “I let him go 6 months ago because he doesn’t work but wants to collect a check. I got a lot of questions I believe only 50 can answer. Tell 50 hit me.” And thus, Joyner lit the “Fofty signal,” and it’s only a matter of time before the beloved antihero comes a-knockin’. Think about it, is 50 even remotely capable resisting this one?

Though he wasn’t quite so vocal, Sha Money did in fact respond to Joyner’s callout, keeping things close to the chest. “These rap n***s tell lies and always wanna act like victims,” he writes, implying that there’s indeed more to this one than meets the eye. In the meantime, we might as well wait to see how this one plays out – especially if 50 indeed wades into the ring. 

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