Jthurston Releases An Addictive Track Titled “Seven Days”

Jared Thurston, aka Jthurston is dropping a brand new track, the addictive “Seven Days.” Minimalist yet fully impactful, this outstanding joint is set to even further his rise in the game, and confirm the astonishing potential listeners first witnessed on his previous releases. 

The established artist from the Bay Area brings a unique approach to Bay-style rap. He is mostly known for imagining dark yet energetic productions. A master of contrasts, Jthurston 

uses his adaptive flow to deliver vivid stories of life. 

The versatile urban artist can do it all, from all around lyrical rapping to a more harmonizing style. The front runner for Oakland’s local music collective NFK (NewFound Kingdom), is also known for his high voltage live performances. The release of “Seven Days” is a sign that Jthurston is hungry for more, so expect big things coming his way in 2022 and beyond!

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