Judge Denies Meek Mill Bail

The latest update in Meek Mill’s case is bad news. The rapper’s pitch to be released from prison on bail following a “mind-blowing” revelation that the police witness from Meek’s original 2008 drug and gun possession trial is on a list ficials with “a history lying, racial bias, or brutality,” according to the Philadelphia Inquirer has been denied by Judge Genece Brinkley.

While Brinkley didn’t explain her decision, she did make it clear that there’s no need or cause for her to remove herself from the rapper’s case. She also said that since there’s no pro that she asked Meek for a shout out on a remake a Boys II Men song, as Meek’s legal team has previously alleged, the claim is invalid.

“This ruling from Judge Genece Brinkley simply reaffirms the fact she has turned Meek Mill’s case into a personal vendetta,” Meek’s lawyer, Joe Tacopina, told TMZ.