Juelz Santana Placed Under House Arrest At His Mother's Home

Hours after images surfaced of Cam’ron chopping it up with ole buddy Juelz in his orange jumpsuit, new details have emerged regarding his release from prison. Cam’ron was the first to confirm Santana’s exit from jail close to his Totowa home. Juelz was awaiting transfer and federal prosecution in his locality. 

According to North Jersey, the rapper has been released on bail and will see out his suspended status with an ankle monitor. To top it all off, Juelz will have to report to his mother’s house, and will confined to it 24 hours a day until the case is overturned by federal marshals.

Juelz Santana spoke frankly outside the federal courthouse this afternoon, showing an affinity for God, and a level of remorse for his actions.

“I’m just happy to be in God’s graces, I was praying every day. He came through for me … just gotta do the right thing, do everything I need to do the right thing so I stay home.” 

Judge Michael A. Hammer concluded that he posed no threat to his mother’s Englewood community. His behavior while on house arrest will determine the next possible clause in his case for freedom.


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