Justin Timberlake Seemingly Retracts Britney Spears Apology, She Fires Back

Earlier this week, Justin Timberlake stopped in New York City for a performance, and a comment he made has countless fans up in arms. At one point in the show, he claimed that he wanted to take the opportunity to apologize. He paused momentarily before adding, “to absolutely f***ing nobody.” The remark managed to get fans thinking, and some of them theorize that the comment was aimed at Britney Spears.

Just after the remark, Timberlake rolled into “Cry Me A River,” a song about Spears. She also had plenty to say about him in her memoir The Woman In Me, which she later apologized for. The pop icon even shouted out his track “Selfish,” calling it “soo good.”

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Justin Timberlake Apologizes To “Nobody”

Unfortunately, however, it looks like Spears caught wind of Timberlake’s rumored diss. She recently took to Instagram to share what appears to be a response, making it known that she doesn’t have anything to apologize for either. “Someone told me someone was talking s*** about me on the streets !!!” she captioned a photo of a basketball hoop. “Do you want to bring it to the court or will you go home crying to your mom like you did last time??? I’m not sorry!!!” Last year, Spears threw some shade at Timberlake on Instagram over his allegedly lackluster basketball skills, making the post seem like a direct shot.

While some are convinced that his comment was directed at Spears, others note that the anniversary of his infamous Janet Jackson breast-exposing incident is today. For obvious reasons, plenty of people were upset about the Super Bowl halftime show catastrophe, which he also later apologized for. What do you think of Justin Timberlake claiming he has nobody to apologize to during a recent show? Do you think he was dissing Britney Spears or Janet Jackson, or are social media users overreacting? What about Britney’s apparent IG shade? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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