K. Michelle Emotionally Updates Fans on Her Health: "I Didn't Know What Was Gonna Happen to Me"

As K. Michelle focuses on getting her backside implants removed, an effort she’s been working on through a series of surgeries since early this year, the constant health issues are seemingly taking an emotional toll on her. The star updated fans on the status of her health, breaking down into tears as she did so.

The heart-tugging Instagram post has supporters rallying behind her, encouraging her to keep going and recover quickly.

“I just see things a whole lot differently,” she shared in the Instagram Live video.

Tearful Posts

K. Michelle Emotionally Updates Fans on Her Health: "I Didn't Know What Was Gonna Happen to Me"

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Though “it’s been so rough,” K. Michelle said that she’s “doing better.” The “Love ‘Em All” singer revealed that she’d undergone blood transfusions before adding, “I thank y’all for everything. I’m okay. I’m crying because I’m happy. I’m not crying because I’m sad. It’s been so painful. It’s been a lot. So I just thank God that I made it out on the other side.”

She went on to say that no one knew if she would be okay or not, adding, “This the first time in my life I’ve ever gone through something like that.”

She thanked everyone “who was there” for her before telling fans that her doctors were allowing her to head home. “I’m going home soon. My mama’s here,” she said crying. “I just want to say that I’m okay, cause I know y’all been so worried.”

Her emotional display had fans showering her with prayers. One fan wrote, “Praying for u sista i know how u feel] I’ve been there God will behold u threw all of this stay strong.”

“Get well soon. Speedy recovery,” another said.


The singer, who turned 34 this past March, has made it a point to be as open and honest as possible about her experience with implants. She stressed the importance of talking about “the outcome and the consequences” of the popular procedure on Steve Harvey’s talk show earlier this year.

“Everybody was doing it. A lot of your favorite artists,” she told the audience. “We went to the same person. They’re sick too, but I just talk about mine. I don’t lie to y’all. I don’t tell y’all, ‘Oh, this is great!’”

Health Over Everything

K. Michelle Emotionally Updates Fans on Her Health: "I Didn't Know What Was Gonna Happen to Me"

Source: Instagram @kmichellemusic

K. Michelle — also known as Kimberly — got her implants removed at the beginning of the 2018, but fans got to relive it with her, as the procedure aired on Dr. Oz’s show Tuesday, Feb. 27. After the implants began causing her pain and other health issues, Kimberly decided that they had to go.

“I didn’t start to feel any pain or have any issues until like a year ago and my health just started to decline,” the star told Dr. Oz. “I had seen some stories of a lot of women who were going through the same thing and it was like discoloration, it was pain in your back, it was migraines, it was super discomfort.”

“It’s like you always have this intuition when you know you might want to ignore it but I couldn’t ignore it anymore, and it just wasn’t worth it to me,” she added.

Her dwindling health not only affected her overall well-being but also her career. K. Michelle broke down into tears while on Maryland, Virginia radio show The Fam In The Morning, as she explained how the procedure subsequently lead to a dangerous drug dependency.

“They were tryna put me in rehab. I was taking, like, Percocet and Adderall to stay up,” she shared.

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