Kai Cenat Sparks Debate After He Jokes About Taking 17-Year-Old Fan To Strip Club

As one of the biggest streamers right now, Kai Cenat is no stranger to controversy and sparking debate. Moreover, recently he ruffled some feathers online after comments that seemed to garner him some backlash, although many thought that this was an exaggerated or downright fabricated reaction. While live with a 17-year-old fan, Ray, Cenat spoke to a friend via phone call who joked that they should all go to a strip club when they’re in Los Angeles. Of course, given Ray’s age, this caused many to express their concern for the social media star egging this prospect on. Regardless, it’s all with a joking and light-hearted tone, so hopefully they know that it’s probably not the best idea for all their sake.

After all, Ray and Kai Cenat have much more to bond over other than escapades like that. The two co-starred in the streamer’s new action-comedy short film in the style of Rush Hour, the YouTube exclusive Global Pursuit. The two met in Japan, and as a superfan of his, Ray is very appreciative for all that Cenat has done for him. Still, he seemed quite excited and amused about this club prospect, whether in jest or with genuine intent.

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Kai Cenat Jokes About Taking 17-Year-Old Fan To Strip Club

Furthermore, this isn’t the biggest thing on Cenat’s plate right now when it comes to flack-catching happenings online. Recently, an in-person giveaway event in New York went sour fast when fans started getting rowdy and causing chaos in the streets. During a stream he held after this incident, Kai Cenat responded to it by attributing blame on the bad actors who took things too far. There are certainly things he should’ve done to mitigate these negative effects, but it’s a gray area that he must learn to navigate as someone with a lot of influence and power.

“I am beyond disappointed with anyone who became destructive that day,” he said on stream. “That s**t is not cool, I want people to know that. I don’t condone anything that went on that day. None of that was my intention. I had good intentions for this whole thing.” For more news and the latest updates on Kai Cenat, stick around on HNHH.

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