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Kaleber & DJ Concept Team-up on Latest Powerhouse Hip-Hop Joint “Amnesia”

Kaleber and DJ Concept have teamed-up for a powerhouse Hip-Hop release, the infectious track titled “Amnesia,” off their latest album drop the iller elite.  The LP is entirely produced by  Long Islander DJ Concept

Right from the very seconds of “Amnesia,” the listener is taken back to the genre’s golden era, a powerful performance in which Kaleber displays a stunning consistency and outstanding executional skills. 

The pair complement each other to perfection, as they do on the entire album, like on the tracks “Tape Deck,” “I Just Can’t,” and many others. The way they have managed to create a flawless equilibrium between high-energy, almost aggressive tracks and more mellow ones, is clearly what gives the dense substance of this project, with “Amnesia” clearly being one of the most relatable and impactful tracks off the album. 

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