KAM-BU – Touch [Video]

Kam, 23, known musically as KAM-BU has been making waves for a while now on the UK hip hop scene. He now returns once again with a blazing new track ‘Touch’ where we find the young rapper exclaiming “If it never touched my soul/chance I didn’t wanna know/they could never stunt my growth”, making an adamant stance that he will only do music out of purity and creativity and will not be swayed by other influences. Later on in the song, he expresses his future desires saying “I want world peace/I want 4 kids/in the woods and pines where the growth is”, highlighting the Emersonian idea of one finding solitude amidst nature and in return gaining true power by becoming “Self-Reliant” and truly independent. This promotion of transcendentalist thinking and wanting to settle down to start a family is a life perspective that is not as frequent from young rap artists, so hearing KAM-BU share his aspirations in this way is very refreshing. 

This grounded, assured confidence from KAM-BU is enhanced by the visualizer video to accompany ‘Touch’. Shot very creatively during lockdown, it features Kam alone in the woods, dressed in white whilst a drone captures various exciting high angles of Kam vibing to the track. The drone also happens to capture the calming stillness of the woods and with Kam in the centre of it all, reminds us of how insignificant we are in the size of nature yet equally the significance of immersing ourselves in nature to gain presence and peace. ‘Touch’ closes with a smooth, soulful outro by a very talented upcoming singer, Madeleine, who croons “Bound back where your love lies” –  a principle that has been interrogated for most us during this time whether it be our families, relationships, work, exercise or sense of community. I can safely that for Kam-Bu that love lies firmly in his dedication to making music of the highest quality in hopes that it may also ‘Touch’ you in some shape or form.

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