Kany Garcia’s Heartfelt Pride Playlist Includes Banda MS, Camilo & More: Listen

Four years ago, Kany Garcia publicly came out and announced she was in a same-sex relationship with her personal trainer, Jocelyn Troche, in a sweet and honest Instagram post.

“I asked a friend to take care of my social media that day because I didn’t want to read anything,” Garcia previously told Billboard. “And she told me that absolutely every comment that came in was pure love, beginning with the 100,000 people who became fans that day.”

As she continues to celebrate life and love in the midst of Pride Month, the Puerto Rican singer-songwriter now shares an exclusive playlist with five go-to songs that she’s currently listening to.

“Congratulations, in this month of pride, to those who fight for our beautiful LGBTIQ plus community, and even more to everyone who has decided to join this fight, being an ally!” she tells Billboard. “Only hand in hand, in empathy and solidarity, we will achieve that love wins once and for all.”

Check out Garcia’s pride playlist below. “Enjoy these songs,” she notes.

“Que Maldición” – Banda MS ft. Snoop Dogg

“If there is something that kills me about this song, it is enjoying the Mexican folklore, its Banda sound, and the fact that a hip hop artist like Snoop Dogg can be added to this and give it a street, honest and unique touch. It’s a song that’s not about elaborate verses, but quite the contrary, its grace permeates that simplicity full of hooks. This song puts me in a super good mood.”

“Quiereme” – Ricky Martin & Diego El Cigala

“It is one of the songs on Ricky Martin’s new EP Pausa. His flamenco mix with Diego el Cigala seems so seductive, so modern, the voices are so ‘in your face.’ I must say that I like this fusion a lot.”

“El Mismo Aire” – Camilo

“This song was a trigger for my ears. I’ve been discovering Camilo for a while and his versatility never ceases to amaze me. He is the boy capable of making the simplest lyrics with the most successful hooks, or taking you to deeper waters as he does in this song where he flirts with a tasty R&B. If you still had doubts, Camilo came to stay. This song is one of those that will surely linger in your head.”

“La Mentira” – Dani Martin

“This song has been on my playlist for a while and I am very hooked on it. It is a sexy cumbia that spoke to my ear in the narrative, telling me everything that I perceive in the falsehood, many times of what I see on social media. The song is amazing and the video gives full credit to it.”

“Vuelve” – Nahuel Pennisi

“Working with Nahuel for my new album was a luxury, but listening to him is always, always a caress to the heart. This is his new single, where he once again displays his broad vocal register, his pun, his musicality full of contrasts and nuances that remove all of the soul’s fibers.”

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