Kany Garcia's Live At Home Concert: Watch

Kany García kicked off the week with her Billboard Live At-Home Concert series today (May 4), serenading the viewers that tuned in.

With a guitar in hand for her medley of songs, the Puerto Rican singer-songwriter teamed up with MusicCares to raise money for musicians financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and were forced to cancel tours and shows.

Billboard has given me the opportunity to ask for help, connect with people and give music that we need so much,” García said after performing “Remamos.”

“The coronavirus pandemic his impacted all of us. As you all know, we won’t be onstage for a while and MusicCares helps those that work in our industry. This money will go stage managers, producers, directors, musicians, all types of industry workers.”

García sang acoustic versions of songs like “Alguien” “Que Te Vaya Mal” and “Que Viva la Gente.”

Watch García’s live performance below and donate to MusicCares here.