Kanye Fan Trolls Pete Davidson, Asks Him To Sign Yeezy Slides

Kanye West‘s tumultuous relationship with comedian Pete Davidson has been no secret to the public. While the rapper has, in recent months, refrained from openly criticizing Davidson, it seems that his fans are keeping the flame alive by playfully reminding the comedian of his former association with West. A humorous incident came to light over the weekend when footage circulated of Pete Davidson signing autographs for a fan. In a funny turn of events, the fan made a request: he wanted Davidson to sign his Yeezy slides with the name “Skete.” Initially, Davidson appeared taken aback by the request. However, showing his playful and good-humored side, Davidson eventually agreed, saying, “Yeah, you know what, why not?”

As audiences can recall, “Skete” is a nickname that Kanye used to call Pete Davidson all the time while he was involved with Kim at the time. Amused by the idea, Pete Davidson went a step further by revealing his intention to capitalize on the “Skete” name. He mentioned plans to purchase all the extra pairs of Yeezy slides and personalize them with the words “Skete.” He then joked and said the custom “Skete” versions of the Yeezy slides would then be offered as merchandise at his comedy shows. The fan encouraged him to move forward with that idea.

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Fan Asks Davidson For An Autograph

Kanye did catch a lot of flack for creating the nickname “Skete,” with many people saying it was disrespectful. One person in particular, Charlamagne The God expressed his thoughts on the Brilliant Idiots podcast. “I think that’s a horrible name to call somebody who’s currently with your ex-wife,” said Charlamagne. “Skete!? Why is that even in your mind? Why are you putting that in other people’s minds?” Davidson on the other hand, has undoubtedly embraced the playful side of this ongoing saga.

In other news, Pete Davidson has been getting busy with other things. In fact, he’s got a new side hustle selling VHS tapes. He mentioned on an episode of The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon that he’s purchased somewhere between 3,000 and 5,000 VHS tapes. He plans on reselling them in 2026 like vintage vinyls. “So, as of a month ago, sealed VHSes are now going for like 20 to 30 grand a pop,” he said on the show. “Rocky just sold for like $27,000. Yeah, it’s my GameStop! Like, dude, I own all of them. Dude, no one believed in me.”

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