Kanye West Briefly Unbanned On Twitter, FBI Might Probe His Presidential Campaign

One of the most persistent aspects of Kanye West’s past few years was his ban on Twitter for controversial statements. However, it seems that Elon Musk’s “X” rebrand also came with some user changes and reinstatements. Moreover, the platform unbanned the Chicago artist’s account, though it’s unclear if he will use it at all. Of course, it shouldn’t be too surprising to see Ye rant and ramble about whatever pops into his head again. Still, recent reports of a potential FBI probe into his presidential campaign might compel him to hold his tongue. Also, it looks like Twitter re-suspended his account, so that didn’t last long.

Furthermore, Radar Online reportedly spoke to Kanye West’s 2024 campaign committee treasurer Devin White and attorney Bruce Fein. During their talk, they alleged that the Federal Bureau of Investigation might look into Milo Yiannopoulos, the Yeezy mogul’s on-and-off-again campaign manager. The right-wing pundit is a U.S. resident alien on O-1 visa status, and this forbids him from formally working on a campaign.

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Kanye West’s (Brief) Unbanning On Twitter

“Commission regulations prohibit foreign nationals from directing, dictating, controlling, or directly or indirectly participating in the decision-making process of any person (such as a corporation, labor organization, political committee, or political organization) with regard to any election-related activities,” the Federal Electoral Commission states. “This prohibition includes advances of personal funds, contributions or donations made to political party committees and organizations, state or local party committees for the purchase or construction of an office building funds under 11 CFR 300.35, and contributions or disbursements to make electioneering communications. Foreign nationals are also prohibited from, directly or indirectly, donating to an inaugural committee; and it is a violation of federal law to knowingly accept such donations from a foreign national.” What’s more is that this could spell out deep trouble for Kanye West, which Fein and White claim to have warned him of.

“He’s a foreign national,” Fein told the outlet. “You cannot take any services from a foreign national. It’s a criminal violation, not civil- a criminal violation! It’s a felony, it’s not a minor offense. This is not an obscure provision in the election law.” Meanwhile, White added: “We believe it would be virtually impossible at this point for [Kanye] not to be aware of that unless he is somewhere where he is incapacitated.” For more news and the latest updates on Kanye West, stay logged into HNHH.

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