Kanye West Hilariously Leaves Pedicure Unfinished In New Clip From Ty Dolla Sign

Kanye West and Ty Dolla Sign aren’t just working on new music together: they’re also making sure they’re at least somewhat clean and pretty while doing so. Moreover, the latter just shared the clip of the former getting a pedicure while they were seemingly in a studio session. In the video, the Chicago rapper told the lady giving him the makeover that he was going to leave it half-done, and didn’t want to get it anymore. It was a relatively polite exchange, although Ye did say “They’re my toes” at one point, insinuating that he felt pushed by her to stay.

It was a pretty bizarre moment, but for die-hard fans, pretty much any hint or new update on new Kanye West music is welcome. Given his reclusion and the controversy that he still faces, not many updates emerged from the 46-year-old himself. As such, many rumors, announcements, and speculation as to what his next moves will be in the rap sphere have been based on second-hand reports. Ty Dolla Sign, though, has practically confirmed that he’s hard at work with the “No Child Left Behind” MC to give fans something special.

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Kanye West Cuts Pedicure Short With Ty Dolla Sign

Furthermore, apparently this whole process took a toll on Kanye West, for understandable reasons. He recently held an emotional listening party for his new album in Italy, and it seems like we might get it soon (although that’s always a question of faith when it comes to Ye releases). In addition, this pedicure clip and these rumors come amidst a lot of leaked footage and videos that surfaced around him. Not only that, but there have even been whole album leaks, such as Dr. Dre’s remixed version of Jesus Is King 2.

Meanwhile, all this created a lot of buzz around the Yeezy main brain’s potential return to the mainstream. He certainly has a lot to answer for, as it’s practically been a year of unaddressed headlines and developments from the outside. Whether Ye significantly speaks on them or just continues as if nothing happened is up in the air. For more news and the latest updates on Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign, stay up to date on HNHH.

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