Kanye West Outlined Several Reasons Why ‘Vultures 1’ Sounds ‘Better Than Other Albums,’ Most Notably, Its Stripper-Inclusive Budget


Ye’s (the artist formally known as Kanye West) out-of-the-box thinking has been a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it has made the “Carnival” musician a decorated, highly-revered producer in rap. By the same token, it has cost him several relationships with brands and fellow recording artists.

Even still, his latest collaboration album, Vultures 1, with Ty Dolla Sign, has achieved massive feats on the music charts. In a now-deleted interview with Big Boy TV, Ye spoke about the business end of recording the project. While chatting with host Big Boy, he stressed the duo’s decision to take the direct-to-consumer route, influencing the project’s budget.

However, when Ye outlined the line items of Vulture 1’s expenses (which, of course, have a designated affordance for strippers, amongst other things), viewers couldn’t help but find the humor in the creative demands.

“A part of the reason why it’s so much better; obviously, we have super mega talents, but it costs a lot to make this album too,” he said. “We were in Saudi [Arabia] and Italy. Flights, car service, and strippers… you know it was expensive.”

Big Boy sarcastically added without missing a beat: “You gotta have that. It’s the lifestyle.”

Vultures 2 is currently in the works. As of today (March 16), it is unclear when fans should expect it.