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Kawhi Leonard Delivers The "Fun Guy" Vibes To Clippers Fishing Trip: Watch

Kawhi seems to be fitting in nicely.

Kawhi Leonard was quite possibly the most sought after free agent in the NBA this summer as he had three teams desperately trying to sign him. As was expected,  Clippers, . Heading into next season, the Clippers are expected to be one of the best teams in the league and fans are excited to see if they can finally make their first-ever Conference Final, let alone NBA Finals.

The Clippers have made quite a few changes to their roster so it only makes sense that they want to build a bit of chemistry as the season goes on. This manifested itself in a team fishing trip which went down over the last week. As you can imagine, the Clippers social media team was there to film it all and Kawhi quickly became the star of the show.

Leonard can be seen cracking jokes and  which became a bit of sarcastic rallying cry during his tenure with the Toronto Raptors. Leonard caught himself a pretty huge fish at one point and referred to it as “beefy.”

As the season approaches, Leonard and the Clippers will be shifting their attention to the court. If you’re a Clippers fan, you have to be excited by the chemistry being exhibited here. The squad has a ton of potential and these next three seasons are going to be exciting for the city of Los Angeles.

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