Kehlani No Longer Speaks To YG After Cheating Scandal

Kehlani called into The Breakfast Club where she revealed the reason why she and YG broke up.

For a few months, and looked as though they were wildly in love. They would walk the red carpet together, looking at each other with butterflies in their stomachs and stars in their eyes. It looked like they were perfect for one another. The two California natives unfortunately ended up breaking up and, with the singer’s , the cheating scandal that led to their break-up is back on everybody’s tongue.

This morning, Kehlani was a (virtual) guest on The Breakfast Club where she spoke about what went wrong in their relationship, also revealing that she and YG no longer speak.

Kehlani No Longer Speaks To YG After Cheating Scandal
Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Uncomfortably confirming that YG cheated on her by claiming she saw “deep” text messages on his phone, Kehlani explained that she refused to get back together with the rapper despite his attempts to reconcile because of the boundaries she set early in their relationship.

DJ Envy asked if they still speak, to which Kehlani replied in the negative.

“Uh, not really. The last conversation we had was the decision to be like, we do exist in the same industry and I don’t wanna have to walk in the room and someone awkwardly be like ‘you know, your ex is in here,’ then we both have weird energy with each other,” she said. “We’re not on any type of bad terms. I wish him the best, he wishes me the best. It’s nothing but love.”

It’s nice to hear that they aren’t on bad terms, but it’s still unfortunate to reflect on how things went awry. Get all the YG talk at the 19:41 point.

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