Kelis' Financial Records Revealed Amid Nas Child Support Feud

Nas and Kelis are dealing with a very public, very intense child support battle that has made Nas’ financial assets and spending habits become public. We previously posted that Nas reportedly makes $175K a month from music, investments and other endeavours. He apparently has more than $8 million in cash in the bank, and his monthly spending rounds up to $76,834.04 with a third of it supporting his family members. 

The documents were made available since Kelis is requesting for more child support money to raise their son, Knight. Now that Nas’ money docs were revealed, Kelis’ has too and it seems as though she is making a good amount of money. According to The Blast, Kelis earned close to $1 million last year from her entertainment and touring company, MyKnight, Inc., and her food product business. The publication says she has $691,153.22 in her bank accounts and owns $1,374,000 in property. Her music royalties from last year were on the lower end, only pulling in $9,000.

Nas currently gives her $8,000 a month, but she is trying to get more saying that her monthly spending tops $25,000. The publication further notes that she spends $5,726 on her mortgage, $4,500 on child care, $1,1913 on groceries, $1,233 on dining out, $1,500 on laundry and cleaning and $1,728 on clothing. She claims more money is spent on tutoring for Knight. 

The court has yet to decide if Nas will be forced to pay more. 

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