Kendall Jenner Says Kanye West Inspires Her With His "Very Creative Mind"

Of all the Kardashian and Jenner sisters the one that we hear about the least is Kendall Jenner. So when the 22-year-old speaks or does any kind of interview that sheds light on who she is and how she handles her serious fame, people wanna listen. In one of her recent sit-downs with French YouTube show Clique (who also interviewed Kanye West), Kendall talks about being a role model, Instagram trolls, and the new wave of fashion.

Speaking on who inspires her, Kanye is someone who comes to mind right away. “Kanye is not only is a creator in the fashion world, but he’s a creator in music, he’s a creator even in architecture, he goes as far as that,” she says. “He’s a very creative mind.”

Other than her brother-in-law, her friends lend her some inspiration. “I look up to them every single day,” she explains. “That’s my goal in life, to surround myself with really creative people. I just want it to rub off on me!” Kendall has been spotted many times with Tyler, The Creator, Taco, Jaden Smith, Luka Sabbat, Gigi Hadid and more, so it’s safe to her creativity circle runs deep.

Peep her full interview below.

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