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Kevin Durant Displays Achilles Recovery By Walking Without Crutches

KD is already making some pretty big steps.

As we probably all know by now,  during the NBA Finals this past season and will have to miss all of next year as he recovers. This is sad news for Brooklyn Nets fans as they will miss out on a year of KD and Kyrie Irving’s chemistry. Regardless, things are looking up for the Nets and they are confident they can win their first-ever championship within the next three seasons. In the meantime though,  so he can get back to his MVP-caliber ways.

Durant’s biggest steps towards a full recovery were displayed on Wednesday night when TMZ caught him coming out of a restaurant in Los Angeles. The two-time NBA champion wasn’t using crutches, which is something we haven’t seen from him so far. As you can imagine, he was still walking with a limp, but it’s clear that he’s starting to become more independent.

KD still has a lot of work left to do until he gets back into the NBA but any progress is good progress. Achilles injuries can be devastating to a player’s career and Durant is well aware of this. Thanks to modern technology, Durant has a chance to receive the best care a player in his situation has ever received. Just that alone should be good enough news for not just Durant, but for Nets fans everywhere.

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