Kevin Durant Speaks To Lil Wayne About Draymond Green Beef

Kevin Durant isn’t too worried about all of the words Draymond Green has for him.

 although his business has come at the expense of . Yes, that’s right. Green has been making sure that his feelings towards Durant get heard. Clearly,  last summer and he has a lot to say about it. Durant has mostly stayed quiet on the subject and has been focusing his attention on rehabbing his Achilles tendon, instead.

Last night, Durant couldn’t avoid the Draymond topic as he was a guest on ‘s Radio. At one point, the legendary rapper asked KD how he feels about Green, to which KD replied: “We good… We make too much money to entertain it.”

This answer certainly won’t be what fans want to hear, considering social media is typically fueled by a whole lot of negativity. At the end of the day, Durant makes a great point. He and Draymond won two championships together and it would have been three had it not been for injuries. Hopefully, they can both find it in their hearts to reconcile and get past this bitterness they have towards each other.

It’s also important to shoutout Lil Wayne for asking the tough questions and getting a good answer in the process.

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