Kevin Gates Is Unfiltered As He Answers Questions About Favorite Things

His interviews are always amazing.

It’s safe to say that is the gift that keeps on giving. The rapper is known for not only crafting albums that his millions of fans love but also for dropping off gems whenever he sits down for interviews. He’s often described as being unfiltered, but that’s because Gates communicates how he feels and what he’s thinking without necessarily worrying about being politically correct.

Kevin Gates Is Unfiltered As He Answers Questions About Favorite Things
Amy Sussman/Getty Images

The rapper sat down with Vice TV for their The Noisey Questionnaire of Life series where he spoke on a myriad of topics. To start things off, Gates shared that he was weaning himself off of taking too much caffeine before he works out in the morning. Unexpectedly, he stated that all he really needs is a woman’s “p*ssy juice” because it gives him all of the energy he requires.

Then Gates shifted to talking about how women go to the bathroom and are on their “tippy toes.” He added, “They do everything so cute and I be like, that’s so sexy.” He was pegged with questions about his favorite martial arts star, hot sauce, and various food items, and in true Gates fashion, every answer was gold. Watch his full clip for Noisey below, 

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