Kevin Gates Openly Thanks Meek Mill For Supporting His Cause

Kevin Gates‘s wife Dreka recently came out to answer a few budding questions regarding her spouse’s release from federal prison in January. Gates was released after serving 9 months out of a possible 30-month sentence on charges of felony gun possession. The warrant for his arrest was initially posted because he failed to show up for a scheduled court-hearing in 2013. Unfortunately, nothing comes to pass too quickly in appellate courts. Police charges are rarely inspected by officials outside of the Judicial branch, and they only peruse the file on the date of the hearing. 

Since his release, Meek Mill has subsumed the responsibility of a public spokesperson in his “welcome back” appearance on the Breakfast Club. It wasn’t the first time Meek derived inspiration from Kevin Gates’ strong test of character. He shared the lyrics “Look what they did to Lil Kodak and Gates, I can’t lose faith, I just wanna shine like the stars in my Wraith,” on Instagram last April. The effect of solidarity, as evidenced by Meek Mill’s release, does in some instances create an overwhelming public sentiment which can lead to legal ramifications. 

The full transcript of his message to Meek is as follows: “I was watching a Breakfast Club interview and I wanted to say I thank the brother Meek Mill for being compassionate towards my situation and talking about it and having a heart for my situation but I’m not upset about my situation as far as Chicago, Illinois, these people love me here. I don’t carry firearms. I’m never in fear of anything but Allah. Someone I was with was caught with a firearm and it was pinned on me. Now I’m not about to speak and tell people it was yours, I don’t do that. I’m a stand-up guy and I believe great people undergo great tests and I stay silent and I never complain and I ain’t do it ’til the end. I just was upset about the parole.”

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