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Kevin Gates Under Fire For Supporting Troy Ave In Recent Post

Kevin Gates says he’ll disown Troy Ave if he finds evidence of him snitching.

If you listen carefully to ‘ music, you know full well that he does not want anything to do with snitches. The Louisiana rapper follows the street code to a T, often speaking on crime and the law in his lyrics. Having been to prison several times, Gates knows that informants are not to be trusted. Anybody that provides details to the authorities is a potential opp and he’s not taking any risks with them. After he posted a photo of with a message of support, Gates’ fans were confused as to why he’s choosing to back the East Coast rapper after everything that went down at Irving Plaza.

Kevin Gates Under Fire For Supporting Troy Ave In Recent Post
Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

Last night, the I’m Him recording artist took to his social media channels to show some love to Troy Ave, who has been criticized for allegedly providing information to the cops. . Gates wrote: “@troyave All I can say is 💪#YesLord : send the 📝? And I’ll dis own him today but right na I’m fuckin wit Dat!!! Til I see Different.” 

Many of Gates’ fans have crawled into his comments to remind him that Troy Ave is not to be trusted. “How you a Big General but fuckin with a Big Snitch Gates?! C’mon gangsta you know better than that being that you was calling plays in cook county,” said one person on Instagram. In the Baton Rouge figure’s message, he does clearly say that if he sees proof of Troy actually snitching, he’ll disown him but for now, he’s still rocking with the man. What do you think?

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