Kevin Hart Gets Dissed By "Jumanji" Castmates At Thanksgiving Dinner

Kevin’s castmates failed to invite him to their holiday celebrations.

On Thursday, the cast of  showed us the true meaning of Thanksgiving in a hilarious video. In the skit, cast members Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Jack Black, Karen Gillan, and cardboard cut-out are shown spending Thanksgiving together as as one big, happy “Jumanji family,” much to fellow costar Kevin Hart’s dismay. Kevin enters the room to find his castmates enjoying a lovely Thanksgiving feast that he was not, in fact, invited to. They insist that he was invited in their group chat, though The Rock can be seen texting him the invite only now, claiming the message must have gotten stuck in his outbox. The conversation gets heated as Kevin grows angrier, absolutely losing it when he notices “fake Nick Jonas” at the table. Kevin storms out after the cast points out that he ruins every holiday for them, including this one, but returns to the table while he waits for his car. The scene is, as Jack points out, “what Thanksgiving is all about: dysfunction [and] drama.”

Kevin, Jack, and The Rock all shared the video on their Instagrams with their own funny captions. The stars all continue to go along with the charade in their captions, with The Rock maintaining that his text to Kevin really did get “stuck in [his] outbox” and Kevin claiming he’s “still pissed.” This skit is not the only recent sneaky promo for the upcoming film—The Rock and another cast member from the sequel, Danny Devito,  Jumanji: The Next Level will be in theaters December 13th, so hopefully the cast are back on good terms with Kevin by then.

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