Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson Do Not Plan To Call It Quits: Report

In the wake of recent cheating allegations coinciding with the birth of their newborn daughter, it looks like Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are sticking together after all. According to new reports, the couple has decided to put the future of their relationship and new family over Thompson’s newfound shaky past with stepping out.

“They are both 100 percent committed to moving past this and focusing on the overwhelming joy they have in their life right now with their new daughter,” a source told Entertainment Tonight. “Tristan knows he’s got to step up now though and can’t screw up …] They’re only looking forward, not backward.”

It was Tuesday that new video surfaced showing the NBA star getting cozy and kissing multiple women. Despite a naturally adverse reaction to the allegations, Khloe went into labor soon after and has decided to give Thompson another chance.

According to the insider, Khloe Kardashian also plans to rejoin the rest of her family and return to Los Angeles once her daughter is able to fly. “Right now, she realizes she needs her family around her and knows they are the people in her life that she will always love and trust.”

Prior to the birth of their newborn, another source had already suggested that Khloe Kardashian would be willing to look past the situation. Things remained up in the air about whether or not her delivery would change that mindset, but clearly it only strengthened it.

“Khloe feels loved and safe when she is with Tristan and she isn’t willing to give that up …] she loves him, and it looks like for the time being she isn’t ending their relationship,” the source noted. “She is in no shape to make that decision right now.”

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