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Kid Cudi Wants To Get A Drag Makeover: "I Wanna Feel Fabulous"

Okay, Kid!

Netflix’s reboot of Queer Eye has taken the hearts of many as the Fab Five enter the lives of deserving candidates who need a fashion, home, lifestyle and wellness makeover. One of the five leading men in the show, food and wine expert Antoni Porowski, teamed up with Them. to get a drag makeover because, why not?

Kid Cudi Wants To Get A Drag Makeover: "I Wanna Feel Fabulous"
Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

The video, as seen below, shows his transformation and none other than was all kinds of inspired by the moment and tweeted to his fans that he wants a drag makeover too. “Ok so i saw Antoni from queer eye get a drag make over and i want one too. Would i look bad in drag? Hahaha thoughts? I wanna feel fabulous man!!,” he wrote. 

In other Kid news, he  to let fans know that he’ll be dropping music next year. “New music next year!! Gonna work the rest of this year. In no rush to do anything right now. I dont drop albums every year anymore. Gotta give myself time to do other things. And relax!” he explained. 

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